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Standing Lion Logo

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Standing Lion Logo
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In July 2013, our client from Elgin in Oklahoma established his leadership training and development firm. His focus is on encouraging young adults and new employees entering the labor force, to take the required steps to identify their leadership capabilities, so they may lead their community's organizations to decipher the complicated challenges faced in everyday life, as well as in time to come.

He ordered the Standing Lion logo from our pre-designed Animal logo category at, as he fell in love with the concept that the Lion projects vision, courage and goals. Other symbolic attributes of the lion include honor and strength.

His idea of colors, was a blue and black combination, as he is a US Army veteran.

After some initial correspondence with Geoffrey, we had fleshed out some thoughts on the style of the logo and what values would be presented through it.

In color theory, blue was an appropriate choice with it representing mind, self-confidence and intellect. It also serves as inspiration to higher ideals, therefore 100% Pantone Reflex Blue C was selected.

Experiments were then conducted on suitable type styles. We settled on Newtext Rg BT for the name of the company and Freehand575 BT for the slogan.

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