Medical Monogram Logo

Medical Monogram Logo

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Medical Monogram Logo
Image file: medical-monogram-logo.gif

A logo was due for the healthcare center in Albert Street, Logan Village, Australia. The result of the logo design is shown on this page.

The logo image was finalized at the point where the renovations of the center matched the visions for the medical center within the logo design.

The image contains two circles designed adjacent to each other. The space between the two circles is colored white. The circles are colored light gray. The second inner circle opens up, allowing the white color to flow inside the center of the image in a convex curve. The upper part of the curve line terminates at the halfway mark of the interior of the logo. Beneath the convex curve lies a dark gray colored moon shaped object. The rest of the interior of the logo is colored dark blue.

The letters ASM is hand designed inside the logo, traversing the curve. The three letters are designed in bold white capital letters. The three letters are the abbreviation of the name of the company.

The name of the company is designed, spelled in full, to the right side of the logo. The three words are divided in two sections. The first two words are undersigned by the third word. The first two words are colored dark blue. The third word is colored light blue. The third word is cradled between two horizontal lines.

The strap line is designed in a light gray color below the last word.

This logo was hand crafted by one of the in-house graphic designers in the studios of

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