Letter B Globe Logo

Letter B Globe Logo

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Letter B Globe Logo
Image file: letter-b-globe-logo.gif

The Letter b Globe Logo is the property of our clients from Sulaimaniaih.

The logo image is a custom design, created by one of the in-house graphic designers of Biz-Logo.com.

The image is designed focusing on the profile of the letter b. The center design is a globe emphasizing the business nature of our clients company. The outer space around the letter b is occupied by a complete circle, piercing through the upper portion of the letter b.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo.

One of the unique features of the logo design is the white color the letter b is designed. The letter b is the first letter of the name of the company. The second letter intervenes with the outer portion of the letter b. The touching section is colored white, immediately catching the attention of the reader.

The name of the fonts used to design the first word of the company is HamburgerHeaven (106.366 pt). The second word is designed using the font HamburgerHeaven (30.314 pt).

The names of the colors are: blue- Fill: Fountain Outline: None; black- Fill: 90% Black Outline: None.

The logo design is void of border lines and a drop shadow.

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