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Services Financial Logo

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Services Financial Logo
Image file: services-financial-logo.gif

Our client is from Laguna Hills, California, United States of America.

The price of the Services Financial Logo is $95-90 (USD). This amount was paid and the logo now belongs to our client.

The turn around time for the Services Financial Logo is 1 business day. Our client received their logo within 3 business days.

The logo is the image of 3 swooshes. The top 2 swooshes sprung from one point, flaring out to the right of the one point. The third swoosh commences underneath the top 2 swooshes, following the flow of the top swooshes. The ends of the 3 swooshes are turning downwards. The top 2 swooshes touch each other at the end of the bends.

The logo carries the name of the company right underneath the swooshes. The name of the company is designed in bold small letters, beginning with a capital letter. The name of the company is one word.

The tag line has 2 words. The 2 words are designed between two horizontal lines.

The logo has no shadow base or border lines.

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