Cross Dove Logo

Cross Dove Logo

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Cross Dove Logo
Image file: cross-dove-logo.gif

Our client is from Westminster, Colorado United States of America.

Our client wanted a custom design logo. Several logo design packages were offered to our client. These design packages appear on the Web site of

Our client chose the Budget Design Package at the price of $149-00 (USD).

The turn around time for all custom designed logos by is 2 business days between revisions.

The Cross Dove Logo now belongs to our client.

The logo image is the outlines of a house. In front of the house, a cross is designed. On the cross, a dove is designed. The dove an about the perch or taking off.

The color scheme of the Cross Dove Logo are various colors of gray.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the Cross Dove Logo. The tag line
is designed underneath the name.

The logo is free from border lines and a shadow base.

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