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Information Technology Logo

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Information Technology Logo
Image file: information-technology-logo.gif

Our client from Dubai bought a custom designed logo from This is the logo on display. This logo was created from scratch by one of the in-house graphic designers of

The logo image reveals the following graphic design techniques: the letters with which the name of the company was designed with came into existence using the fonts Saved By Zero. However the second letter in the name of the company received its own unique character by using the font AvantGardeBk BT. This letter was designed into a solid green circle, sporting a shadow base.

The font used to create the first part of the slogan of the company is called Zrnic. The second and last part of the slogan was created by using the font NeoSans.

The logo is colored in green orange and gray. The names of the colors are: green - Fill: 100% PANTONE 376 C, orange - Fill: 100% 151 C and gray - Fill: 60% Black, Outline: None.

The slogan the company is designed below the name of the company.

The logo is void of border lines.

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