Dog Cartoon Red Logo

Dog Cartoon Red Logo

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Dog Cartoon Red Logo
Image file: dog-cartoon-red-logo.gif

Our client is from New York, United States of America.

The logo displayed on this page was bought by our client at the price of $125-90 (USD). Our client requested that no alterations should be made to the logo design and received their logo within one business day.

The turn around time for this Dog Cartoon Red Logo is one business day.

The logo design is that of a very attentive dog. The face of the dog is the sole portion in view. The eyes of the dog are wide open, as if in expectation. The left ear of the dog is folded to the front, leaving a glimpse of the inner ear. The right ear is in the normal position. Five dots to either side of the dog's nose indicates its whiskers. The nose and the mouth is designed in unity leaving the viewer with impression of a happy little dog. The features of the face such as the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers are the only designed drawings. The face is thus open without any other detail.

The name of the company is designed directly underneath the logo.

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