Letter F Monogram Logo

Letter F Monogram Logo

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Letter F Monogram Logo
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Our client from Columbia, United States of America had his business commemorated through an exceptional logo design. He bought the letter F pre-designed logo from Biz-Logo.com.

One of the in-house graphic designers of Biz-Logo.com designed a letter F logo. The letter F is designed in the capital format. The letter F has two shafts. The shafts are of course designed in a vertical position giving lavage to the upper part of the design. The most upper bar of the letter F is designed in a concave format. The lower bar is designed at the back of the letter F shafts. The lower bar protrudes from behind the letter F. The two shafts, equal in stature are joined at the bottom giving way to a almost full circle around the main body of the letter F.

The name of the company is designed at the foot of the logo. The name is designed in lower cape format except the first letter in each word. The strap line takes center position below the name of the company. The strap line is endorsed by two horizontal lines on each side.

The letter F is uniquely designed and a font was not used for the design. The font used to create the name of the company is called Georgia (33.975 pt). The strap line is designed using the font AvantGarde Bk BT (24 pt).

The logo is free of border lines and drop shadows.

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