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Skyline Properties Logo

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Skyline Properties Logo
Image file: skyline-properties-logo.gif

Developing their business to greatness, time now dictates the need for a logo design. Our client is from The Woodlands, Texas.

The logo displayed on this page is a pre-designed logo from the studios of

This logo design is an magnificent piece of design work notifying the viewer in an instant of the aim of the business of our client.

The Skyline Properties Logo depicts the inner city property market up for sale, as well as domestic property opportunities. The sky line of a city protrudes against the outline of a home with a chimney. The scene of the city is colored in black, the home is colored in deep orange and the back ground of both is colored in yellow. The yellow back ground is designed in almost a full circle. The foundation of the logo image, so to speak, spreads out side ways, ending in sharp pinnacles.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The design format of the name is that of a slope to the left side, confirming the outlines of the logo design.

The names of the colors are : black -- Fill: Black, Outline: None; deep orange -- Fill: R:235 G:114 B:25, Outline: None; deep yellow-- Fill: Deep Yellow, Outline: None.

The names of the fonts used to design the text is FrizQuadrata BT (Bold) (ENU) (56.142 pt) and the red word -- Freehand521 BT (28.481 pt).

No borderlines holds this logo in captivity. There is no drop shadow.

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