Letter L Insurance Logo

Letter L Insurance Logo

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Letter L Insurance Logo
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Our client is from Richardson, Texas. Our client had a certain professional design in mind. The graphic design had to incorporate a letter from the Western alphabet indicating the initial letter of our client's surname. The name of our client is the same as the name of his company.

The graphic image displayed on this page is thus the result of a combination of the required letter from the alphabet and two swooshes. The Letter L Insurance Logo has a shadow base.

The price of the custom designed logo by Biz-Logo was $299-00 (USD). The turn around time for the logo was 2 business days between revisions. Our client was satisfied with the work of his designer within 2 business days! The logo now belongs to our client.

The colors of the Letter L Insurance Logo are different shades of gold, gray and black. The name of our client's company is designed underneath the logo. The company's tag line is designed below the name of the company.

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