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Letter G Leaf Logo

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Letter G Leaf Logo
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Our clients sought an unique logo design. Their company builds energy efficient building panels (SIPS)that are used in both residential & commercial applications.

The graphic image displayed on this page is two letters from the Western alphabet. The letters are G and B. The letters G and B are the forerunners of the name of the business of our clients.

The two letters were created. No font was used to design the double letter business logo. Both letters were designed in capital format. The letter G is colored green. It has two swooshes designed running through the letter G from the left to the right side of the letter. The left portion of the double swoosh is designed in concave format. The right side of the double swoosh is designed in convex format. The letter B is invaded by the right end of the swoosh. A small portion of the green swoosh lies onto the bottom section of the letter B.

The letter B is colored black. The two letters are designed in close proximity of each other. The shaft of the letter B has an open end at the top of the shaft.

The name of the company is designed right below the logo. The name is composed by two words. The words are placed adjacent to each other. The words are designed in lower case except for the first letters of each word. The first word is colored the same shade of green as the letter G. The second word is colored black, as is the letter B.

The strap line of the company is in actual fact their Web site. This is designed below the name of their company. The strap line is colored black.

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