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Simple Real Estate Logo

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Simple Real Estate Logo
Image file: simple-real-estate-logo.gif

Our client if from York Harbor, ME 03911, United States of America.

The logo displayed on this page is all about property. The logo is in fact a signage image of our client's business.

A twin swoosh spans the horizon starting out with an abbreviation of the company name, then the company name written in full, followed by a strap line and Web site address all designed beneath the two swooshes. The two swooshes are designed in convex format.

Right below the two swooshes the abbreviation of the company name is designed in capital letters and colored black against a white back ground. The black capital letters are lined with a white membrane. Two horizontal lines flank the abbreviation.

Still inside of the territory of the abbreviation, the color begins to change from white to light yellow. The black letters spelling the company name changes to another dimension as the yellow color deepens in intensity.

The strap line, colored red and containing three words, stand out beautifully on the deep yellow color of the back ground.

A dramatic closure follows when the Web site address of our clients is captured in a black rectangle. The Web site address is colored white.

The names of the colors are: light yellow -- Fill: White Outline: Yellow 0.135 millimeters;
yellow -- Fill: Yellow, Outline: None; red -- Fill: Red, Outline: None; black with white border lines -- Fill: Black, Outline: R:246 G:240 B:0 0.352 millimeters and black pure: Fill: Black, Outline: None and white: Fill: White, Outline: None.

The names of the fonts used to design the texts in is called: Imprint MT Shadow (9.731 pt) (abbreviation and company name); red strap line: Footlight MT Light (6.284 pt); Web site address: Arial Rounded MT Bold (6.038 pt).

This logo design without borders or drop shadows is but an exclamation mark placed behind the professional design work of's in-house graphic designers.

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