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Custom Homes Logo
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The custom homes logo is designed in two portions. The first portion is the graphic design of the roof of a home. The rooftop of the house has a chimney designed to the right hand side of the home logo. The roof of the custom homes logo has two swooshes designed across the base of the roof top. The first swoosh curves from right to left, ending just before touching the left side of the home logo. The second swoosh cuts clear from the main graphic design of the custom homes logo. The right hand side of the roof top forms the base of the two swooshes, causing an uneven flow downwards. The left hand side of the logo design is symmetric in form, while the right hand side of the custom home logo slopes downwards and outwards. The roof top of the logo as well as the first swoosh is colored blue. The two swooshes are colored white. The swoosh which forms the bottom section of the home logo, is colored green. The custom homes logo has no shadow base. No smoke curls from the roof chimney. The second portion of the home logo is that of the name of the company and tag line. The name of the company rests right underneath the custom homes logo. The font is slightly larger than the actual logo design. The name of the business protrudes slightly to the left, running past the last piece of script of the home logo. The name of the business is colored light blue. The tag line commences at the right end of a horizontal line. This horizontal line covers the first quarter of the company name space. The tag line terminates at the exact place as the company name above it. The tag line is colored in light green.

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