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Global Travel Logo
Image file: global-travel-logo.gif

Our client from Bennington, United States of America felt the need to bring their traveling business and a very special logo together. They chose a pre-designed logo and changed the colors and text and clinched the finalization of the logo shown on this page.

The logo image is that of a globe and a compass. The globe features South and a small portion of North America. The African Continent is visible. The compass encircles the left part of the Americas. The compass throws a tiny shadow over the upper left part of South America and the upper right part of North America. The magnetic pointer which shows the direction of the magnetic north as well as the pointers of west and south directions are visible .

The color of the continents visible is green. The oceans are colored blue. The name of the color green is: Fill: 100% PANTONE 370 C. Outline: None. The color of the blue is: Fill: 100% PANTONE 289 C. Outline: None and Fountain, Outline: None.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo image. The first two words are separated by an horizontal line that runs into the third and last word of the name.

The name of the text used to design the first and last words of the name of the company is Poor Richard. The middle word is designed using the text named Pepita MT.

The logo is without border lines.

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