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River Logo

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River Logo
Image file: river-logo.gif

Our clients business is named after a river in the region the business is located. Our clients therefore requested that their business logo should have river-related imagery.

Our clients are from McLean, VA, United States.

The turnaround time for a custom logo design is two business days. It works like this: the client gives their graphic designer two business days to work on the logo design concept design files. The graphic designer simultaneously executes the work load from other clients with the same turnaround time zone.

Our clients chose a Gold Package from Biz-Logo.com. The price is $399.00 (USD).

The concept designs are low resolution images, intended for preview only. The final files include high resolution and print-ready vector images.

The River logo is infused with motion as the design constitutes two swooshes starting apart from each other, culminating upwards in closure. The swooshes resembles the contours of a large wave. The force of the wave lays in the forward bend, almost symbolizing the bend of the letter P, which is the first letter of the name of the company. These two swooshes have the thickest parameters at this specific point. The four ends of the swooshes are spiked.

The River Logo is multicolored. The swoosh on the left hand side is colored Fill: 50% PANTONE 295 C, Outline: None. The color of the right hand side is Fill: 100% PANTONE 295 C, Outline: None.

The name of the company is designed on the right hand side of the logo.

The first word of the name of the company is in prominent fonts named Adobe Garamond Pro (SemiBold)(ENS). The color of the fonts is Fill: 100% PANTONE 295 C, Outline: None. The remaining part of the company name is AvantGarde Bk BT (Bold)(ENS). The color is these fonts is Fill: 50% PANTONE 295 C, Outline: None.

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