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Heart House Logo

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Heart House Logo
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The pre-designed logo shown on this page, characterize the core of our client's business.

The Heart House Logo is the shape of a heart. The heart is colored red. In the center of the heart the outlines of a house is designed. A chimney shows on the left portion of the roof. The house has no windows or doors. The color of the house is white. In the center portion of the house two letters are designed. It is the initial letters of the name of the company. The color of the letters is dark green.

The Heart House Logo is designed in upright position.

A slight shadow falls from the right side over the logo. A shadow base is designed in light gray.

The name of the company is placed beneath the logo. The letter T in the second word of the name is designed as a cross. The color of the name is dark green. The color of the cross is red. Two horizontal lines are designed at both ends of the name.

The slogan is designed in red beneath the name of the company.

The Heart House Logo has no border lines.

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