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Letter Logos
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Our client chose a pre-designed logo from the letter category. This Letter logos design is created by Biz-Logo.com.

The logo design is very versatile as the letter M chosen, wedged inside itself in the image of the upper portion of the letter Y. This portion is designed in blue, giving the logo a focus point, leading the eye to the company name, forming a beautiful union in outlay. The letter M rests firmly in the V format. The latter extends itself on both sides of the M, giving the impression of unlimited freedom in unity.

Our client from Manassas Park, VA, United States of America guided our graphic designer in describing the process with precision.

Within two business days and five concept design files, our client made the final choice and their company logo was finalized.

The names of the fonts are Freehand471 BT (Normal) and MicrogrammaDBolExt (Normal)(ENU).

The colors are Fill: 100% PANTONE Warm Gray 6 C, Outline: None, Fill; 100% PANTONE 2727 C, Outline: None and Fill: 50% PANTONE Warm Gray 6 C, Outline: None.

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