Colorful Globe Swoosh Logo

Colorful Globe Swoosh Logo

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Colorful Globe Swoosh Logo
Image file: colorful-globe-swoosh-logo.gif

The logo on this page is a pre-designed logo found on the Web site of

The logo is a combination of swooshes and globes or circles. The upper portion of the globe or circle is designed in a double format, embracing the colors yellow and orange. The lower portion of the globe or circle houses a part of the swoosh. The globe is thus designed in a concave format to give space to the swoosh. This section of the globe is colored a bright orange red.

Returning to the upper portion of the globe: the left circle curves towards the center of the globe, flowing with the swoosh. The curve is designed in convex format.

The swoosh is an outer element commencing from the back of the globe, encircling the left portion of the globe and invading the middle part of the globe. An intricate balance between globe and swoosh prevails. The swoosh is colored blue.

The back ground of the logo design is white. The spaces between the swoosh and the globe is enhanced as it reflects the white back ground.

The name of the company is designed in bold capital letters to the right side of the logo. The name of the font used for the company name is Futura LT ExtraBold (Aquaduct Warp).

The logo is without border lines or a shadow base.

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