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Facial Features Logo
Image file: facial-features-logo.gif

Our client is from Clarenville, Canada,

The face of a lady appears on this page, graphically created by one of the designers of Biz-Logo.com.

The expression on the face of the lady is serene. The face is turned upward. The face profile is designed from left to right. The eyes are turned upward. The mouth is closed. The eye lashes of the left eye are curled upward. The nose bridge is delicately designed, drawn by a thin, short swoosh, flowing from the left eye brow. The following features of the face are visible: the eye brows, eye lashes, eyes, nostrils and mouth.

The name and strap line of the company is designed to the left of the logo. The last word of the name is encased the two horizontal lines; one above and one below the word.

The name of the font used to design the name of the company in is called Brush455 BT (67 .115 pt). The name of the font used to design the strap line in is called AventGarde Bk BT (24.307 pt).

The name of the dark blue is Fill: 100% PANTONE 546 C. The name of the light blue is Fill: 100% PANTONE 5425 C.

The logo has no border lines nor a drop shadow.

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