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Video Reel Logo
Image file: video-reel-logo.gif

This logo was designed in 2010 and was a silver custom package. The customer is from Orange County, California.

The customer exactly knew what they wanted in terms of the colors and they specifically requested that orange, grey and white are used. The designer did 9 variations for the customer and this design was the final one. The customer fell in love with this concept.

It is a video reel in the shape of and orange. The orange is cut in half to enable the viewer to see the holes in the video reel. The orange peel forms part of the actual video film that is being pulled from the reel. This design also has text. The first section of the text is enlarged and both words start with uppercase letters and the second section which is the tagline are all in lower case letters.

The colors used are: Pantone Hexachrome Orange C, Black and White.

The font used is Gill Sans Light.

This logo is not for sale.

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