Lighthouse Shipping Logo

Lighthouse Shipping Logo

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Lighthouse Shipping Logo
Image file: lighthouse-shipping-logo.gif

A marine engineering company in Hamburg, Germany bought a silver package from the Web site of Their prerequisites were a lighthouse or marine vessel wedged between the first two words spelling part of the name of their company.

The image as seen on this page is thus a lighthouse in full sun shine, designed between the first and second word of the name of the company. These words are designed in bold capital letters. The last word of the name of the company is designed underneath the second word. A horizontal line separates the first 2 words and lighthouse and the last word.

No border lines grips this master piece.

The price tag of the silver package from is $299-00 (USD). The turn around time of the custom logo is 2 business days between revisions. This custom Lighthouse Shipping Logo was finalized within 4 business days.

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