Crosshairs Logo 2

Crosshairs Logo 2

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Crosshairs Logo 2
Image file: crosshairs-logo2.gif

Our clients are from Kennesaw.

The logo on display is a custom design logo. The Cross hairs Logo is extraordinaire in its identification: a rectangle housing 3 circles and 4 medical injection needles. The rectangle has blunt corners and is colored brown. Two circles are designed. The outer circle is colored light brown. The inner circle is colored white. The center of the rectangle is colored olive green. Four injection needles are designed resting onto the rectangle and the circles, coming to a point of precision right in the middle of the center of the logo. The needles are colored white.

The name of the company is compiled by 3d words. The second word is designed adjacent to the third word. At the top of the last word a trade mark appears. The company name is colored brown.

The slogan of the company is designed below their company name. The slogan is colored light brown.

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