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Green Energy Resources Logo
Image file: green-energy-resources-logo.gif

Our client from Frisco, Texas sourced his logo from the Web site of

The logo as seen on this page was bought by our client. It is now the property of our client and his business.

The logo image displays three main components. They are a globe a star and a swoosh. The globe is unusually formed. The globe is a perfect circle except at the left middle portion. Here the border line of the globe changes direction and terminates in the form of a leaf. The star is designed inside the globe or circle. The star has 5 pointers. Two of the pointers are created at the bottom portion of the globe and the three other pointers are designed in the top half of the globe. A swoosh in convex format is designed running from left to right across the star.

The colors of the logo are green and white. The swoosh is colored white. The interior of the star is colored dark green. A fine white border line separates the interior from the exterior of the star. The exterior captured by the border line of the globe is colored light green.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The slogan is designed beneath the length of the logo and the company name.

The name of the text used for the design of the company name is StopD (first word of the company name) and EngraversGothic BT for the rest of the company name and slogan.

The logo design shows no border lines or shadow base.

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