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Globe Pillar Logo
Image file: globe-pillar-logo.gif

Our client from Lake St Louis, MO, United States of America chose a globe logo design from the pre-designed logos section of As the process of designing proceed, our client changed direction to a custom designed logo.

The cost of this custom logo was $189-00 (USD). This Globe Pillar Logo is the property of our clients business.

The logo design shown on this page is the images of an ancient Greek column as back drop to a globe. The globe is design in several spirals. The Atlantic ocean with South and North America in view is what the viewer observe. The globe rests against the pillar. In between the pillar and the globe flows a swoosh in convex format. The broad section of the swoosh curls toward the left side of the globe.

The colors of the Globe Pillar Logo are various shades of gray, black, and platinum brown.

The name and slogan of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The logo stands free from border lines.

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