Three Swoosh Logo

Three Swoosh Logo

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Three Swoosh Logo
Image file: three-swoosh-logo.gif

The logo image shown on this page is a pre-designed logo by

The Three Swoosh Logo displays three swooshes commencing from the left side of the logo. From this point, the three swooshes fan upwards, curving over to the right side of the logo. The swooshes equals in length and width. The upper two swooshes are colored red. The third, lower swoosh is colored black.

The name of the company is designed between two horizontal lines. The lines are colored red. The letters of the name of the company are colored black. The black swoosh ends almost toughing the upper red horizontal line.

The name of the font used to design the text is AvantGarde Bk BT (51.777 pt). The name of the red color is Fill: Red, Ouline: None. The name of the black color is Fill: 100C100M100Y100K, Outline: None.

The logo has no border lines or drop shadows.

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