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Photography Logo

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Photography Logo
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Our clients are from Joseph, MI, United States of America.

The logo is found in the pre-designed logo category, followed by the globe logo design sub-category of

The price of this Photography logo is $125.90 (USD). The turnaround time is one business day. Seven concept designs were designed by one of in-house graphic designers. The very best design was chosen by our clients and finalized. The duration of the design process took 2 business days.

The Photography logo design is a globe. The globe is carrying a swoosh coming from underneath the globe, curling upwards and returning to rest in a sharp spike at the middle of the logo design. The

Photography logo has a shadow base.

The name of the company is compiled of three words. Right underneath the name of the company rests the tag line. Both the name and tag line is situated to the right hand side of the logo design.

The name of the company is colored blue and the tag line is colored orange. The name and tag line has no shadow base. The top section of the globe logo is colored orange. The lower section is colored blue. The swoosh running through the globe logo is colored white with orange and blue speckles.

The fonts are Birch Std (Normal)(ENU)

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