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Picture Framing Logo

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Picture Framing Logo
Image file: picture-framing-logo.gif

The business of our client is an integrate part of the art and crafts world. The graphic design to give prominence to our client's business, had to be as excellent in style and finesse as their company.

The Picture Framing Logo was detected in the category, Technology, on the Web site of Biz-Logo.com. A lot of attention was given to the placement of the company name, the type of fonts and the colors of the original pre-designed logo. The finalized product you view on this page is the flagship of our client's business.

The graphic image reflects five picture frames of different sizes and colors. The picture frames are displayed as portions of rectangular formats. The three larger frame portions at the back of the logo design are uniform in size. The colors are different portraying the unlimited choices of colors to the buyers. The two smaller picture frames in front of the logo design, conveys the variety in size as well as colors that are available to buyers. The border line or base of the logo is divided in four equally sized portions. These portions are recognized as sections of large, thick picture frames. All other frame work has double outlines and enclosed white interiors.

The name of the company is designed below the logo in capital letters. A horizontal line finishes off the company name and the logo design.

The name of the colors are: blue-Fill: C:100 M:28 Y:0 K:0, Outline: None. Yellow - Fill: Fountain, Outline: None. Red - C:5 M:100 Y:26 K:24, Outline: None.

The logo is without border lines and a drop shadow.

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