Dynamic Globe Logo

Dynamic Globe Logo

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Dynamic Globe Logo
Image file: dynamic-globe-logo.gif

The dynamic globe logo is suspended in space. The swooshes created inside the globe image, counts five in total giving the impression of movement. The dynamic globe is rotating at high speed, the impression given by the five swooshes. Four swooshes are created side-by-side. The four swooshes run from the base of the inner globe image, starting as part of the outline of the globe itself, ending in a tapered end to the right hand side of the globe image. The second and fourth swoosh do not touch the right hand border of globe logo design. The fifth swoosh is created at the top of the globe logo. This swoosh is still positioned inside the dynamic globe logo. This fifth swoosh runs from top to bottom, crossing the third swoosh, coming close the second swoosh, but not touching it. The dynamic globe logo has a glow created onto the top of the globe logo. The glow diminish as it moves nearer to the bottom of the globe globe. The graphic design carries five colors. The outer swoosh, enfolding the upper part of the dynamic globe logo is colored green. The space between this swoosh and the immediate border of the globe graphic design is colored white. The complete body of the globe image is colored light to dark blue. The inner five swooshes is colored dark blue, fading to light blue around the glow at the top of the dynamic globe logo. The name of the business is in a bold font stationed to the right hand of the globe logo. The measurements of the name of the business equals the measurements of the globe logo. The last two words, forming part of the name of the business, rest directly underneath the first word of the company name. The first word of the company name is colored in dark blue. The last two words of the company name is colored in green.

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