Contracting Star House Logo

Contracting Star House Logo

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Contracting Star House Logo
Image file: contracting-star-house-logo.gif

The pre-designed logo appealed to our clients from Lancaster, NY, United States of America.

The Contracting Star House Logo was bought at the price of $125-90 (USD) and belongs to our clients.

The turn around time of all pre-designed logos by is 1 business day per revision.

The design depicts a house. The shape of the house leans slightly towards the right side of the viewer. The house has 2 walls, a roof and a chimney. Inside the logo, a star with 4 shafts is designed. Three of the shafts reach under and over the middle portion of the roof. The beam of the star commences from the left of the logo. The color of the star is white. The color of the house is a light burgundy.

The name of the company is designed to the right in bold capital letters. The tag line follows underneath the name.

The logo is void from border lines and shadow base.

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