Letter C Marketing Logo

Letter C Marketing Logo

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Letter C Marketing Logo
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Our client from Carrollton discovered the letter C on the Web site of Biz-Logo.com. This logo over here is a pre-designed logo.

The logo was designed from scratch. The letter C was taken as the main theme of the logo design.

The letter C is designed in almost horizontal position. The alphabet letter C is the symbol of the first letter of the name of the company. The letter C is slightly tilted upwards. Inside the left upper portion of the C, another letter from the Western alphabet is designed. It is the letter M. The letter M is the symbol of the fourth letter in the name of the company as well as the first letter of the slogan.

The colors of the logo is different colors of green. A bright white border gives distinction to the logo design. The second letter residing inside the letter C, that is the letter M is colored light green. The differences in the various shades of green gives prominence to the letter M. Both these letters are in capital format.

The name of the company comprises of one word. The slogan of the company comprises of one word as well. Both the name and the slogan are designed to the right side of the logo. The slogan finds itself at the lower level at the far end of the name. A horizontal line leads the way into the slogan.

The logo has a shadow base but no border lines.

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