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Spine Logo
Image file: spine-logo.gif

Our client is from Freehold, NJ 07726 United States of America.

Our client sought the very best graphic design company for his delicate and live enhancing treatments for neck and lower back pain in his patients. Our client found such a graphic design company on the Web. Biz-Logo.com was the chosen one.

The delicate environment in the human body, the spine, is depicted on this page. The graphic designer of Biz-Logo.com drew one swoosh simulating the spine area. This one swoosh is sub-divided into one large area followed by one tiny white slither separating the third and last smaller area. The large area is colored in flowing shades of light blue. The small area is colored light brown. This swoosh is drawn in upright position.

The second phase of this wonderful graphic design exists of two swooshes. These two swooshes are delicately drawn in comparison with the main swoosh. One of the two swooshes overlaps the main swoosh being designed in a horizontal position. This specific swoosh starts out on the left side of the main swoosh. It splits almost from the very beginning, leaving a fine trail while the swoosh continues in a convex format. The swoosh transcends the main swoosh in the middle portion bending downwards, ending divided. The beginning and the end of this swoosh follow the same pattern.

The third swoosh, much smaller than any of the previously described swooshes, curls behind the main swoosh in exactly the same format as the previous swoosh. The second and third swooshes are colored light blue green.

The name of the company is designed below the logo. The font chosen matches the delicate air of the logo perfectly.

Below the company name, the owner's name, initials, surname and abbreviation of his profession, is designed. The font used accentuates the logo in its fulness.

The names of the colors are: Fill: 100% PANTONE 5493 C and Fill: 50% PANTONE 5493 C (the left portion of the main swoosh). The right portion of the main swoosh is colored Fill: 100% PANTONE 4985 C.

The name of the font used to design the text, is AvantGarde Bk Bt (24 pt).

The logo design has no border lines of drop shadows.

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