Black Jumping Horse Logo

Black Jumping Horse Logo

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Black Jumping Horse Logo
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Rachael owns an online saddlery store, specialising in quality equestrian ware at affordable prices. It is a family run enterprise, operating from Oakford in Western Australia. They strive to deliver high standard English saddlery and riding apparel to suit all levels.

Their business has expanded into the necessity of having a characteristic logo design. After browsing through our pre-designed Horse Category logos at, Rachael discovered a design she fancied a lot.

After a few color changes, the logo was finalized and wrapped up to go. They also ordered stationary items.

We normally charge $95 per stationary item, but existing clients pay only $79. A further discount applies if you order more than one item. Two items are $145, three items are $195 and four items are $240, so Rachael only paid $145 for her business card and letterhead design.

This logo portrays a red jumping horse in motion, with swooshes designed below it, suggesting movement.

The color red exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy and is also the color of physical movement, which awakens our physical life force.

The colors we used are as follows:
Red: 100% Pantone 193 C
Blue: 100% Pantone 2747 C
Light blue: 57% Pantone 2747 C
Grey: 100% Pantone 432 C

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