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Parent and Children Logo

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Parent and Children Logo
Image file: parent-and-children-logo.gif

This logo design speaks of absolute joy, contentment and care. It portrays three happy figurines dancing and jumping with their arms stretched out in the air.

During 2014 Marlene Wilcox purchased this pre-made design from for $145 (USD).

She manages a home healthcare agency in Colorado. They are a team of professional caregivers who are passionate about ensuring the health and well-being of loved ones.
They care deeply about helping their clients and their families boost their quality of life, and will arrange services to meet a one-time need, or on a regular basis for longer term medical care, personal care and homemaker service.

The color orange radiates warmth and happiness. Red is also a warm and optimistic color associated with our will to survive.

The colors we used are as follows:
100% PANTONE 235 C
100% PANTONE 185 C
100% PANTONE 1585 C

The name of this font is Luxury Gold (Normal) (ENU).

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