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Oral Interpretation Logo

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Oral Interpretation Logo
Image file: oral-interpretation-logo.gif

The globe logo design caught the attention of our clients from San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.

During the graphic design process, different fonts and colors changed the oral interpretation logo from a pre-design logo, with real meaning, into the flagship of a distinguished company.

The Oral Interpretation logo was finalized within two business days. Ten concept design files brought the project to a closure. The oral interpretation logo has two circles within each other. The outer circle is designed as a fine line and colored purple. The inner circle is equally designed as a fine line and colored peach. The inner circle takes the largest portion of the logo design in total. The swoosh, gliding across the ball in the center, is attached to the outer circle.

The swoosh is colored purple. The space between the outer circle and the inner circle is colored white. The portion between the upper part of the ball and the swoosh is colored white.

The name of the company consists of three words. The three words are colored purple. The name of the company is designed to the right hand side of the Oral Interpretation logo. The middle word of the company name is written in capital letters.

The fonts are CopprplGoth Hv BT (Normal)(ENU)

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