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Recruitment Logo
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The business of our client focuses on people. Our client is from Melbourne, Australia.

Our clients business focuses on the most prominent aspect of human lives and that is the work place. No work, no money equals decline in the existence of a nation.

So, to find the right employment for the right person, takes skill and sensitivity.

Our clients logo had to display all these aspects of the value of life in the work place. Colors were carefully chosen, considering that people groups in Australia are from different cultures, attaching different meaning to colors.

The pre-design logo portrays the image of a link of people, with one of them, standing larger in stature. The row of smaller figures are in light gray. The prominent figure is colored in bright green.

Without claiming prominence in the graphic design, the company name rests below the graphic image in bold script.

The strap line is discrete, but catches the eye, as it is colored in bright blue.

Their final choices of fonts were Times New Roman (Bold)(ENU). The colors are Fill: 100% Pantone 288 C, Outline: None and Fill: 100% Pantone 363 C, Outline: None.

No border lines or drop shadows were added to the logo.

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