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Realty Solutions Logo
Image file: realty-solutions-logo.gif

This Realty Solutions logo was created by one of in-house graphic designers. The pre-designed logo started on a blank page. Clip-art, templates or stock images are banned from studios.

Our clients from Court Spring, Texas, United States, bought the logo at the price of $99.00 (USD).

Their final logo design files were delivered in print-ready and web-ready formats. Our clients are entitled to additional formats, free of charge.

The turnaround time for pre-designed logos is one business day. What it means is that one business day is allocated by one of in-house graphic designers to work on our clients logo design. Keep in mind that his or her workbench for that day, is packed to capacity. Within one business day our clients receive their first batch of logo design files. Our clients may take their time, make decisions, taking board discussions on the logo concept designs, and so on. On completion of the discussions, they email their ideas back to our graphic designer and the process is repeated within one business day.

This Realty Solutions logo is designed, depicting the upper portion of the globe. The graphic design is, of course, symbolic and not a replica of the globe we're living on. The pre-design exists out of three swooshes and one vertical line. The top swoosh is concave in shape. What it means is that the swoosh has an outline that curves inwards like the inside of a ball. The second swoosh is a copy of the first swoosh, touching the middle section of the first swoosh and smaller in size. The third swoosh is convex, piercing both sides of the second swoosh. The vertical line starts in the middle of the first and second touching swooshes, running through the third swoosh in spike like fashion.

The Realty Solutions logo has two colors. The design is colored Fill: 100% PANTONE 321 C, Outline: None. In layman language the color is blue. The spaces between the design is colored white.

The name of the company is designed at the foot of the logo design. The fonts are LHF Essendine (Normal)(ENU). The name of the company is colored Fill: 100% PANTONE 322 C, Outline: None. In layman language the color is light green.

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