Letter O Globe Logo

Letter O Globe Logo

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Letter O Globe Logo
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From St Peter Port Guernsey, United Kingdom of Great Britain, came an order for one of Biz-Logo.com pre-designed logos.

The Globe logo is located in the Globe Category of Biz-Logo.com.

A Transfer of Copyright Document is available with each of the logos designed by Biz-logo.com.

The letter O globe logo forms the first part of the business name. The logo design has no shadow base. The graphic image is sectioned by four swooshes. Three of the swooshes open up from the top of the logo, running through the right half of the logo. The forth swoosh opens up from underneath the globe logo, ending in a sharp spike in the middle section of the left hand side of the letter O Globe logo.

The logo is multi-colored. The left hand section of the logo is colored red. The right hand part of the logo is colored blue. The four swooshes are colored white.

The name of the company consists of one word. The Globe logo takes the part of the first letter of the name of the business. The name of the company and the tag line is placed to the right hand side of the globe logo. The six remaining letter of the company name follows directly next to the letter O, or Globe logo. These letters are bold and colored blue. The upper parts of the letters is colored in faded blue, simulating light shining from above.

The tag line follows right underneath the name of the company. The tag line is introduced by a horizontal line stretching from the tag line to the left, stopping at the beginning of the letter O. The tag line is colored dark sea green.

The fonts are AvantGarde Bk BT (Bold)(ENU)

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