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Job Search Logo
Image file: job-search-logo.gif

Our client is from Eugene, OR, United States of America.

Eleven concept designs were email to our client. The first concept design file carried five concept designs and the second concept design file carried six concept design files. Alterations to colors and fonts are the norm. No limits are placed on the position of the name of the company and the tag line. The same applies to the colors and fonts. The graphic design itself remains static.

Our client found the pre-designed logo in the People Cartoon Category of

The Job Search logo is a pre-designed logo. The logo carries the image of a cartoon person. The person has its arms stretched wide open, past its head. The legs of the cartoon person is also spread wide. The image of the person is slightly tilted backwards and sidewards to the left hand side. The head of the cartoon person rests squarely in the middle of the lower part of the outstretched arms. The swoosh encircles the middle part of the body of the person.

The upper surface of the swoosh is colored white. The swoosh itself is colored yellow. Both ends of the swoosh are open and does not full circle the person. The cartoon person is colored blue.

On the right hand side of the graphic design, rests the name of the company, divided into two portions. The upper portion of the name is colored yellow and the bottom portion of the name is colored blue.

The fonts are Impact (Normal)(ENU)

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