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Superhero Logo

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Superhero Logo
Image file: superhero-logo.gif

This design was done for one of our customers in the USA. He bought our Platinum package from at a price of $899. The platinum package is our best package, because the customer has unlimited concepts and unlimited alterations. Stationery design is also included in this package and is done for free when you select the Platinum package.

This superhero cartoon was created with the iconic superman in mind. The designer drew this cartoon from scratch using different elements from superhero pictures. The customer wanted a half body flying superhero and therefore our designer had to do a few variations before they found the right angle for this design.

The design is a superhero character facing forward with his body and his fist pointing in the air ready to fly. His cape is flapping behind him because of the wind and him flying up in the air. The entire design is blue and red.

The text in this design forms the bottom half of the superhero body.

The font used in this design is Impact. The colors are sky blue and C:0 M:100 Y:90 K:5

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