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Cash Loan Logo

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Cash Loan Logo
Image file: cash-loan-logo.gif

Our client from New Jersey, United States of America became the owners of this pre-designed logo. They discovered their logo in the People and Cartoons Category on the web site of Here's a link to this web site if you want to visit: Please copy and paste the link onto your browser to open.

The turnaround time for pre-designed logos is one business day. One of our in-house graphic designers has only one day, amid all the work for that day, to interpret our clients business needs and personal guidelines concerning their logo. Our graphic designer designs between three to five concept designs and email our client the first batch of concept design files. Our client chooses the best of the logo designs and email us his/her choice and further instructions. The process keeps repeating itself until our client is 101% satisfied.

Variations to fonts, colors and placement of the name of the company and slogan are involved in the process. The main image of the logo remains static.

The Cash Loan Logo is an image of a male person. The head and a portion of the shoulders of the person are visible. The person is smiling. The face of the person is designed on the left hand side of the logo. The left hand side of the face of the person is plunged into a shadow. The eye, the mouth and a small portion of the cheek bone is highlighted. This shadow extends to the right hand side of the logo. The shadow forms the back ground onto which the name of the company and slogan is designed.

The Cash Loan Logo is colored in Fill: White, Outline None, Fill: 100% Reflex Blue CVC, Outline, None and Fill: 0% PANTONE Black 2, CVC 2X, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 CVC, Outline: None.

The fonts are AgencyFB (BOLD)ENU).

The company name and slogan is designed in the French language.

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