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Cubist Structure Logo
Image file: cubist-structure-logo.gif

Angelos Kaliakatsos owns a technical company in Arta, Greece which specializes in residential housing design and construction.

Their area of expertise is the study, construction, renovation and repair of buildings. They also undertake building assessments and authorize any property you might have that is not built according to the correct standards.

Their success in the construction area is due to the trust that their customers show them during all the phases that are involved in a construction process. From the stage of planning the project (architectural, civil, mechanical engineering studies and legal paperwork) to the construction phase on site and the completion of the project.

After attentively searching our Construction Section at for the perfect logo, Angelos eventually came across this geometrically structured 3D design portrayed over here in white and two shades of blue.

An interesting fact about why most buildings in Greece are mainly blue and white in color, is that their government mandated during 1967 that all buildings must be repainted in blue and white to support their political agenda by showing unification. Back in 1974, the government officially made it law.

The colors we used are as follows:
83% PANTONE 550 C and 93% PANTONE 7477 C.

The name of the font is Futura Md BT (Normal).

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