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Film Company Logo

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Film Company Logo
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Justin Chan is our client who owns a very popular videography company serving the Philadelphia area including West Chester, Lancaster, Reading, as well as portions of New Jersey and Delaware.

They consist of a team of skilled videographers with strong attention to detail and offer a full range of professional video services including wedding videography, event videography and corporate videography. When shooting outside in nature, they use the latest drones to generate the best possible footage.

During 2011 they requested assistance from in need of an appropriate logo design for their successful company and purchased our Silver Package for $299 (USD). With this unique custom package, our clients receive 15 concept designs to choose from.

Justin was very specific with his requirements for his logo and suggested something distinctive which would reflect the company name with a valley and creek, as well as a sun image incorporated from a distance.

Within 2 business days, our design team had the first batch of previews ready for them on our Client System.

After a few rounds of communication and discussions, Justin and his team finally made their definite pick. A remarkable new logo was born and finalized.

The design consists of a picturesque badge design with the scene of a serene green valley. A calming blue river can be seen flowing from the hills, with the touch of the sun on the far end of the horizon.

The name of their company is placed on a film reel, which makes this an outstanding design.

The colors we used, are as follows:

Green 100% PANTONE 378 C
Green 100%PANTONE 374 C
This blend of green colors added a vibrant feel to the hills.

Blue 100% PANTONE 298 C

Yellow 40% PANTONE 109 C
Yellow 100% PANTONE 123 C
Two shades of yellow reflect the rays of the sun from a certain angle.

100% PANTONE 7409
0% PANTONE 7409 C

70% Black
80% Black
90% Black

The name of the font is FrizQuadrata BT (Bold) (ENS)

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