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Sun Globe Logo

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Sun Globe Logo
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Our clients from Las Vegas are a bunch of friendly solar professionals, who have vast experience and knowledge in the solar energy field. Solar electric systems convert sunlight into electricity. They spotted the perfect pre-designed logo in our globe category at

After only a few minor changes, our clients called for finalization of their design.
They wanted the continents of the earth filled out in green, as green is universally associated with nature, the environment and is the symbol of ecology. Since the beginning of time, green has signified growth, rebirth, and fertility.

This unique design also portrays the sun's yellow rays, warming up the green continents of planet earth. This effect consists of a yellow star shape with thirty sides.

The name of the font used in the company name and tag line, is CastleT (Bold)(ENU).

Radial Curve Fill – Fountain PANTONE 355 C and Radial Ellipse Fill – Fountain PANTONE DS 11-1 C.

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