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Dog Training Logo

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Dog Training Logo
Image file: dog-training-logo.gif

Our client from Bundoora, Australia, ordered a pre-design logo from

The pre-design is found in the Pet Logo Category. Our client bought the pre-design logo as is. No alterations were requested.

The logo was delivered to our client within 24 hours.

The logo image shows the outlines of a mountain range. The sun is setting on the mountain range. To the right upper part of the mountain range, a cloud is drifting behind the mountain range. The dog is in full swing, running with long strides, its mouth open, panting. The dog silhouette is pictured in the center of the setting sun. The dog is running with its face to the right hand side of the logo design.

The name of the company is designed underneath the logo image. The name of the company cuts over the bottom half of the setting sun. The first and last word of the name overlaps the length of the logo image.

The colors of the pre-designed logo are black, orange and white. The dog, name of the company, mountain range and the outlines of the cloud is colored black. The sun is colored orange. The rest of the image space is colored white.

The fonts of the company name is Freehand471 BT (Normal)(ENU).

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