Aspen Antler Logo

Aspen Antler Logo

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Aspen Antler Logo
Image file: aspen-antler-logo.gif

Our clients are from Berthoud, Colorado presented sketches and a wonderful range of descriptions as to how their logo should look like. Together with their graphic designer, this custom designed logo was finalized within a short time.

The design exhibited on this page displays an antler, one of the two pairs of branched horns from the head of an adult male deer. One Aspen leaf is designed to the right side of the antler, partly hiding behind the branched horns.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The company name has three words. The first word is designed in bold script and font. The middle and last word of the name of the company is designed in much smaller format beneath the first word. An horizontal line separates the first and the latter two words from each other.

The logo is colored green, and shades of browns. The name of the green color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 378 C. The name of the dark brown is Fill; 100% PANTONE 463 C. The names of the fonts are AvantGarde Bk BT and BookmanITC Lt BT.

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