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Health Solutions Partner Logo

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Health Solutions Partner Logo
Image file: health-solutions-partner-logo.gif

The logo image displayed on this page is a picture of vitality. The image focuses on two cartoon figures encircled, but divided by a vertical line. The vertical line is slightly tilted to the left. The vertical line cuts the circle in equal portions.

The two figures have arms held high and legs in action mode. The figure in the left half of the circle is smaller than the figure in the right portion of the circle. The figures are colored white. The figure to the left is designed against an orange background. The figure to the right is designed against a green background.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The color of the text corresponds with the color background of the first figure.

The slogan is designed below the logo, running full length of the logo and company name. The color of the slogan and the right background of the second figure is green.

The name of the font used to design the name of the company is Calibri. Caflish Script Pro Regular is the name of the font used to design the slogan.

The name of the orange is Fill: 100% PANTONE 172 C. The name of the green is Fill: 100% PANTONE 361 C.

The logo is void of border lines and a shadow base.

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