Globe Two Arrows Logo

Globe Two Arrows Logo

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Globe Two Arrows Logo
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Our clients from Snellville in Georgia, manage a family owned, fully licensed transportation brokerage company. They specialize in full and partial truck load shipments throughout the United States and Canada. They commit themselves to working honestly and ethically throughout the shipping community.

During 2014 they discovered this flawless logo design in our Abstract-Circular logo category at The design is composed of a navy blue and gold colored globe, with noticeable longitude and latitude lines. Two arrows were placed opposite one another, each pointing in a different direction. The arrows indicate movement taking place across the globe, hence making this design appropriate for this logistics company! The color navy blue conveys importance, confidence, authority, as well as stability and unity. Gold is the color associated with quality, prestige and elegance.

The name of the font, is Trojan Pro (Bold).

The colors as follows:

Gold R213 G204 B159

Gold R180 G166 B115

Blue R101 G124 B169

Blue R40 G45 B 100

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