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Technology Services Logo
Image file: technology-services-logo.gif

The Technology Services logo is the property of our clients from Bairro Alvaladde, Luanda, Angola. The price of the pre-designed logo is $95.00 (USD). graphic design team worked with our clients on their logo to make sure that the flagship of their business is 101% perfect. The Technology Services logo could have had unlimited alterations to the fonts, colors and placement of the company name and slogan. However, the pre-designed logo they chose was so close to the match of their business logo, that the design project was completed within one business day!

The logo is compiled by a circular image. The image is semi-divided by three white swooshes. The swooshes tumble from the top of the circle, leaving three open spaces at the starting point. The swoosh on the left hand side of the circle is curved, ending in a spike just short of the borderline of the bottom part of the circle. The two white swooshes to the right hand side of the circle pierce the bottom border of the circle. The result of the design is a swoosh created in such a way that it appears to bulge into space, thus creating an uneven surface to the bottom part of the circle. The extreme left hand side of the circle has a swoosh extending into space on the upper part of the circle.

This logo is multicolored. The left portion of the circle is colored gray. The right portion of the circle is colored red at the top part of the circle, flowing into a dark shade of gray.

The name of the company is designed in bold capital letters to the left hand side of the logo. The color of
the company name is red.

The slogan is designed underneath the name of the company. The slogan is colored gray.

The fronts are MicrogrammaMedDExt (Normal)(ENU) and MicrogrammaDBolExt (Normal)(ENU)

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