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We think that every readymade logo on Biz-Logo.com is a masterpiece, but we can't feature all 8,355 of them! Here are 50 logos that we are particularly fond of. If you would like to see all of them, click the yellow "More logos" button further down. These featured logos sell faster than the others, so if you see one here that you like, don't wait too long. If someone else buys it, it's gone forever!


Logo 7008
Air Power Logo
Logo 7522
Cube Home Logo
Logo 7423
Logo 6450
Pegasus Logo 2
Logo 5315
Modern W Logo
Logo 8080
IT Flower Logo
Logo 6259
US Eagle Logo

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Brand new logos, hot off our sketchpads.


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Logos that were purchased recently. Sorry, once it is sold it is gone forever! Copyright transfers to the buyer.


Logo 6638
Bridge Logo
Logo 6414
V Phone Logo
Logo 1244
L Cube Logo

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"I wish that I would have discovered Biz-Logo prior to trying other logo services and products. They make designing a custom logo easy and affordable. The level of design expertise and customer service is simply outstanding. It was such a pleasure working with this wonderful company."


"Just a quick email to let you know that the provided files worked just fine and we met our deadline. Can I congratulate you on the superb follow up service you have provided many months after the initial logo finalization. Thank you for your professional, prompt response."


"I have been to four different designers before you (two local), have viewed over 80 samples, and have spent close to $300 and none appealed to my taste. When I saw the first samples you did though I knew that I wouldn't have to go anywhere else for my logo so hats off to you and your team again for the excellent work you did on this project and the superb service you have offered."


"I want to sincerely express my gratitude in your working with me through this process and especially over the last two days. You have been tremendous and your customer service is of the highest caliber."


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What we do

Readymade Logos

Original, hand-crafted logos. Find one you like and buy it before someone else does!

From only $145

Custom Logos

A new logo, made just for you, to your specifications.

From only $149

Logo Repair

Your old logo, only better :)

From only $50

Graphic Design

Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads and much more.

Tell us what you need!

Ready-Made, Pre-Made, Stock Logos... all the same

Most people in the logo design world prefer "ready-made logo" when referring to a unique logo that was designed beforehand and is being offered for sale.

We prefer "pre-designed logo" (and that's what we have been calling them since 2004), but we have decided to join the crowd and refer to our logos as ready-mades to avoid confusion. You may still find us falling back on the old terminology here and there on the site. Force of habit :)

Watch out for template logos.

Template logos are different in that they are resold. We don't sell template logos on Biz-Logo. All our logos are once-offs. Once it is purchased, it is gone forever. The client owns the exclusive copyright.


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Better Results

It's all in-house! Nothing is outsourced. Every logo we sell is made by a professional designer who is on our payroll and who works right here in our studio. Even our pre-designed logos. Every one of them is made from scratch, in our studio.

This means that we can guarantee things like quality, competent advice from someone who speaks English, great after-sales support, coordination with your printing company etc. It also means that we are accountable. If we sell you a design that later turns out to be copied from clip art, you know where to find us! You can rest assured, our logos are all 100% original and trademarkable. Your reputation and ours depend on it. We never use clip art or templates and we never sell the same logo more than once.

Custom Logos:

Our popular Silver Package comes with 15 unique concept designs and unlimited alterations. That's massive!

Unlimited alterations is a fairly common feature in the industry, but creating 15 unique concept designs to start off isn't.

Why so many concept logos?

We believe that you as business owner have a significantly better understanding of the character of your business and the preferences of your target market than we do. You should be the judge. You should be able to choose from many concept designs and you should have the option to have refine any of those concepts until you say it's perfect.

How can we offer so much without charging more?

Most of our business logo design clients will own more than one business in their lifetime and most have friends who also own businesses. A large percentage of the logos we sell are sold to returning customers or people who were referred to us by happy customers. For us, happy customers = more sales. So we treat you like gold because we want to be sure that you (and your friends) head straight back here to Biz-Logo the next time you need design work done.

We have been designing business logos since 1997. We are confident enough in our abilities that we are prepared to take a risk on you. Low prices mean less money for us initially. Our investment is only returned if you are so impressed with us that you never use another design firm again! Give us a try. With our 100% money-back guarantee your investment is risk-free.


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