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Cartoon Logos

The Right Way!

As a logo design company we receive a great many requests for cartoon logos. We love cartoons and we believe that a cartoon logo is one of the most powerful ways to brand your business, but the truth is that the normal approach to logo design just does not cut it when it comes to cartoons.

The problem is that computers graphics are normally built up of geometric shapes which are then manipulated to create a specific effect. This is especially true in logo design. But cartoon design - the proper kind - requires free, organic shapes and lines.

So we developed a system for cartoon logos:

We start with a pencil and a piece of paper. Only when the cartoon is the way the client wants do we move to the digital phase where it's cleaned up, colored and the text is added.

This worked so well that we decided our cartoon logos deserved it's own web site:

The Very Important Extra Step

Cartoon logos are kicked off with pencil sketches. This is the first phase of the cartoon logo design process. Well, that's the way we do it. The old-fashioned way. We find that it allows for greater artistic freedom, without having to navigate the peculiarities of design software and thus limiting the design.

Cartoon Logo Example

When you order a cartoon logo, you will receive pencil sketches, like the one shown here. The pencil sketches are refined until you accept a sketch as the "final". Only then do we move to the computer where the drawing is converted to vector format (required format for professional printing), cleaned up, colored and further refined.

Again, we keep at it until you accept one of the cartoon logos as your final logo.

Cartoon Sketch Final Cartoon Logo

Which means that cartoon logos are very labor-intensive compared to regular logos, so they unfortunately cost more.

Get A Cartoon Logo

Same people, same talent, different name... Head over to our cartoon logo site here:

CartoonBall Logo


Should you invest in a real cartoon logo?

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